Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) – ADU Bylaw

Fall Town Meeting Approves Accessory Dwelling Unit Bylaw! 
View Bylaw HERE! 

ADU Frequently Asked Questions 

The West Newbury Planning Board is considering recommending a change to the town’s Zoning Bylaw to allow for the creation of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).  ADU’s are  small residences that shares a single-family lot with a larger primary dwelling, sometimes referred to as an accessory, garden or in-law apartment.  They can be within or attached to a single-family home, or detached such as in garage or carriage house.

Consistently the Town’s long range plans including Comprehensive Plans, Community Development Plans and Housing Production Plans have called for diversifying the town’s housing stock to create housing that meets local needs, with many specifically identifying accessory dwelling units as one strategy for achieving this goal.

The Planning Board has studied a number of local, regional, state and other zoning models and has drafted a proposed bylaw that they think is consistent with West Newbury’s housing and other community goals.  See the proposed Bylaw and Frequently Asked Questions HERE.

Listening Session on Draft Accessory Dwelling Units Bylaw - YouTube 

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