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a tree that you think is important, remarkable, historic, significant, really tall? 


Please nominate that tree for inclusion in the Roster of Significant and Remarkable Trees in West Newbury -- see details below. 


Good News:  Last month, the West Newbury Tree Committee was awarded a Community Forestry Challenge Grant of $1500 from the Massachusetts Dep't of Conservation and Recreation.  We are 1 of 17 communities receiving this type of grant award. Our grant funds will be applied to the ongoing effort to compile the Roster of Significant and Remarkable Trees and for committee member training about tree identification, measurement, and care.

Do Trees Talk to Each Other?  Read our bi-monthly "Trees Matter" article for May-June to find out.

Yes, trees do "talk" to each other by sending out chemical signals to their neighbors.  Potent chemical hormones are the messengers that convey different kinds of information about insect attack, water stress, and nutrient deficiency.  These chemical messengers travel from tree to tree through a hidden underground, interconnected system of fungal tendrils.  Trees also seem to prefer cooperation, not competition, when it comes to sharing crown space atop the forest canopy.  Just look at the difference in tree shape when a tree grows solo in a field versus alongside many others in a forest.  For more information on the science and scientists behind this amazing aspect of our forests, click here.

Roster of Significant & Remarkable Trees:  Your Chance to Be Involved in Saving Our Forest Legacy

Black OakThe new exercise habit of walking around our properties and streets has allowed many of us to rediscover the comfort of nature and trees.  As spring blossoms disappear and the summer carpet of green covers our town,  it is hard not to notice the abundance of beautiful, amazing trees…significant and remarkable trees to each of us.  The Tree Committee invites you to join our effort to compile the Roster of Significant & Remarkable Trees in West Newbury by first observing the trees that inspire you on your walks and, second, by bringing these inspirational trees to the attention of the Tree Committee for possible addition to the Roster.  To do this, please download the Significant & Remarkable Tree Nomination Form below, fill it in with as much information as you can, and send the completed form to:  West Newbury Tree Committee, Town Office Building, 381 Main Street, West Newbury, MA  01985.     

To download the Nomination Form, click here.

                  West Newbury Copper Beech - One of Our Largest Beauties  
                                West Newbury Copper Beech - One of Our Largest Beauties


Interested in Joining the Friends of West Newbury Trees?  If you love trees and forests, consider joining a new organization, Friends of West Newbury Trees (FOWNT).  This volunteer group will assist the Tree Committee with ongoing Tree events, fundraising, and educational programming.  Send an email stating your interest to:

Have a Good Idea for the Tree Committee or Want to Help Protect Our Trees?   The Tree Committee welcomes your participation in our activities and your ideas about how we might make a difference in our community as relates to protecting and preserving our trees and forests.  Let us know about your interest and ideas at