Historical Commission


Under Massachusetts law, West Newbury has established the Historical Commission for the preservation, protection, and development of the historical or archeological assets of the Town.


The Town’s phase 1 Historic Sites Survey, which focuses primarily on Main Street, describes three historic areas on that street: Manufacturers’ Row Historic Area east of Elwell Square, the Training Field Historic District, and the Way to the River Historic Area. It also contains detailed photos and information about the architecture of inventoried antique homes, which range from First Period to Victorian, as well as the stories of the farmers, preachers, factory workers, teachers, craftsmen, inventors, philanthropists, and others who built and lived in them. Of the 116 primary buildings and thirty-one outbuildings reviewed, the Survey recommends the three areas and twenty-three individual properties for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

To learn more about some of the historic areas, antique buildings, and storied characters that help make West Newbury special, please click here. A hard copy of the Survey is available in the G.A.R. Library.

Voters approved use of Community Preservation Act funds for a Historic Sites Survey in October, 2016. The project was put out to bid, and Historic Preservation Consultants Stacy Spies and Wendy Frontiero were selected to perform the Survey. Work began in October, 2017. A grant from the Massachusetts Historical Commission has been approved to reimburse the Town for half of the $25,000 allocated for this project.

Commission Members

Robert Janes



M. Dorothy Cavanaugh


Jennifer Conway


Elisa Grammer


Paul Knezek