Town Clerk

Mission Statement

The Town Clerk serves as the Public Information and Legislative Administrator, Chief Election Officer, Local Registrar of Vital Records and Statistics, Public Records and Licensing Administrator, and Census/Voter Registration Administrator.
Governed by the Massachusetts General Laws and Bylaws of the Town of West Newbury, the Town Clerk serves as the custodian of offical Town records and public documents.
All claims and actions against the town are received and filed by the Town Clerk.
The Town Clerk's Office also:
  • Administers the issuance of Municipal and State licenses and permits, including Telephone Pole Permits, Burial Permits, Storage of Gasoline & Other Flammable and Explosives, Dog Licenses, Raffle & Bazaar Licenses and various regulatory licenses as assigned.
  • Issues Business Certificates.
The Records Access Officer for the Town of West Newbury is as follows:
Michael P. McCarron, Town Clerk
381 Main Street
West Newbury, MA 01985
978-363-1100 ext 110

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Michael P. McCarron Town Clerk
Dianne R. Faulkner Assistant Town Clerk