Voter Registration & Elections

The Office of Town Clerk supervises all elections, and works with the Board of Registrars to oversee registration of voters and processing of nomination papers for candidates for elective office.
If you are new to town or if you move within town, you must re-register to vote at your new address. Persons who wish to register to vote or make other changes to their voter status, please contact the Office of Town Clerk to obtain further information. Voter registration can be done in person or by mail, but the Massachusetts authorized voter registration form must be used. As of January 1, 2003, valid identification must be produced to register to vote by mail and to make some voter registration changes.  
To maintain your status as an active voter, it is very important to vote regularly and to answer the Annual Town Census. Voters who fail to respond to the Annual Town Census or to vote in at least 2 state elections will have their voter status inactivated. This can lead to deletion from the voter list.
The Office of Town Clerk also maintains:
-- A current copy of the Town Voter List;
-- A current copy of the Prospective Juror List for town residents;
-- Lists of currently nominated candidates for elective office for pending elections;
-- Lists of elected and appointed officials for all town positions; and
-- Copies of the Annual Town Residents list that is prepared from the Town Census. The Street List is available for $10.00.