2024 Housing Production Plan

The Housing Production Plan Stakeholder Working Group and MVPC consultants met on May 9th to discuss demographic and housing data as presented by MVPC. The Group will meet in June to discuss community outreach strategies. Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings. Watch this site for postings.  Community focused meetings are being planned for later in the year.

 Why should West Newbury Consider Housing Diversity, Options and Density

The Town is undertaking a process to update its Housing Production Plan that identifies the community’s housing needs, sets housing goals, and recommends strategies for making progress toward meeting both.  

The project, led by the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission (MVPC) and guided by Town Planner, Sue Brown and a HPP Stakeholder Working Group (HPPSWG) will begin by gathering and assessing the most up-to-date information, including data from the 2020 US Census and current town building data to present the current state of housing in West Newbury so we can compare inventory, style, price and availability with projected growth and need. The project will then focus on identifying the community’s housing goals and building consensus on approaches we can use to increase housing production that are consistent with community values. 

Who is guiding development of the HPP?
The Housing Production Plan Stakeholder Working Group is made up of representatives of several Town Boards/Committees, Town Staff, and a resident housing advocate. Their role is to help guide development of the Plan. 

Wendy Reed                       Select Board, Affordable Housing Trust, Community Preservation Committee

Molly Hawkins                    Conservation Commission

Christine Marshall              Council on Aging Director

Ann O’Sullivan                    Resident Housing Advocate

Angus Jennings                 Town Manager

Sue Brown                          Town Planner, Project Manager

What are the Next Steps?
The Town and MVPC have outlined the following work plan for developing the Housing Production Plan by early 2024.

  • MVPC working with Town (2/23 – HPPSC) - Plan a 2-Part Community Meeting Series to 1) share information on the Process, state of housing and identify housing goals  2) share information and gather input on strategies for meeting goals. 
  • MVPC (12/22-3/23) - Collect, compile and create data visuals to portray current state of housing
  • MVPC working with Town (3/23 – 4/23 – Public Meeting 1) – Present data and identify housing production goals
  • MVPC working with the Town (4/23-9/23) – Gather community perspective on housing goals (Using various outreach strategies)
  • MVPC working with the Town (7/23-8/23 - HPPSC) – Conduct SWOT analysis for each goal
  • MVPC working with the Town (9/23-10/23 – HPPSC) – Develop strategies to increase housing production
  • Town (10/23 – 12/23) – In house (departments, boards and committee’s) review of strategies
  • MVPC working with the Town (1/24 – 3/24 - Public Meeting 2) – Draft and Finalize HPP
  • MVPC (1/24 – 3/24) Create StoryMap to display and interact with housing goals

For Questions about this Project, please contact Sue Brown, Town Planner at 978-363-1100 ext 125 or at townplanner@wnewbury.org

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