Energy Advisory Committee

The WNEAC's mission is to facilitate energy saving opportunities available to the Town and its residents by examining the operation of Town buildings, vehicles and equipment, identifying opportunities for renewable energy generation, and raising awareness of the financial and environmental benefits of energy efficiency.

WNEAC looks to increase the Town's energy efficiency and reduce its energy waste through:

  • Tracking current expenditures on energy to prioritize improvement opportunities.
  • Conducting energy audits to look for leaks, waste and inefficiency, and potential lighting improvements.
  • Improving control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting.
  • Reviewing plans for new facilities and equipment to identify opportunities for enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Providing outreach on energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities to Town residents.

Reducing Town energy consumption and expense will:

  • Reduce the effect of energy costs and supply fluctuations on the Town budget.
  • Reduce the Town's contribution to air pollution and climate change.
  • Encourage Town residents to realize similar benefits by taking similar actions.

West Newbury has been a designated Massachusetts Green Community since December 2013. More information on the Massachusetts Green Community Designation and Program is available at

Committee Members

Elizabeth Callahan


Richard Parker


Arthur (Chip) Wallace


Dougan Sherwood


Elisa Grammer