"Tales of Our Town": E. Moody Boynton- Entrepreneur, Inventor, Orator

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Historical Commission’s Tales of Our Town

E Moody Boynton: Entrepreneur, Inventor, Orator

April’s story is about Eben Moody Boynton, who was born in 1840 in Ohio’s Western Reserve of old Newbury heritage, returned to live atop Pipestave Hill in his teens, and called West Newbury home for most of his life. Moody Boynton was an entrepreneur, promoter, inventor, tycoon, orator, thwarted politician, pro se litigator, bankrupt—and the only person known to have been committed as a lunatic by the U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission, which by 1920 was fed up with his lobbying on behalf of the perhaps visionary but ultimately ill-fated monorail Boynton Bicycle Railroad.

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