Affordable Housing Trust Bylaw Committee

The Town of West Newbury is pleased to announce that on October 23, 2021 West Newbury voters authorized the Select Board to established the West Newbury Affordable Housing Trust under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 44, Section 55C for the purpose of creating and preserving affordable housing in West Newbury for the benefit of low- and moderate-income households, and for the funding of community housing.

For more information on Affordable Housing Trusts and Affordable Housing in general, please visit the links provided to the left.


Now that Town Meeting has authorized the establishment of an Affordable Housing Trust, the next step that many communities have taken in establishing a Trust is the adoption of an Affordable Housing Trust Bylaw. On November 15th, Select Board adopted a Charge to establish a new Affordable Housing Trust Bylaw Committee, in order to advise the Select Board on development of a draft bylaw for consideration at the 2022 Annual Town Meeting. A copy of the Committee’s approved Charge is viewable here.

The Select Board will await the work of this Committee, and potential action by Town Meeting voters in the spring of 2022, prior to making appointments for individuals to serve on the Affordable Housing Trust Board of Trustees.

Should you wish to be considered for appointment to the West Newbury Affordable Housing Trust Bylaw Committee, please submit a completed Application for Appointment to the Select Board by email at or drop it off at the Select Board or the Town Manager’s office. Hard copies of the Application for Appointment can also be picked up at the Town Clerk’s office.

For more information, please contact Angus Jennings, Town Manager at or 978-363-1100 x115 or Leah Zambernardi, Town Planner at or 978-363-1100 x125.

Bylaw Committee Members

Wendy Reed
Patricia Reeser
Deborah R. Hamilton
Leigh Stoecker
Doreen Crowley