Pipestave Parking, Circulation and Land Use Advisory Committee

The Board of Selectmen anticipates that a proposal to fund an engineering study may be submitted for consideration at the Fall 2018 Special Town Meeting, and wishes to form a citizen Committee charged with evaluating and offering recommendations regarding how best to proceed.
The Committee is established as a limited-duration study and advisory Committee, for the following purposes:
  • Review parking and circulation on the Pipestave property, based on current uses and user groups; 
  • Consider potential changes or expansions of current uses, whether in the near term or over a longer time horizon, and the potential need for expanded parking and/or improved vehicular circulation. Take into account the Conservation Restriction (CR) held by Essex County Greenbelt, and the Pipestave Hill/Mill Pond Area Management Plan, as well as information as available from existing Town Committees including but not limited to the Parks & Recreation Committee and Mill Pond Advisory Committee;
  • Include consideration of potential changes to the use and/or configuration of the portion of the Pipestave parcel outside of the CR, specifically the land currently in use for municipal recycling receptacles;
  • Review and evaluate conceptual design options prepared by the Parks & Recreation Committee and summarized in presentation slides dated June 25, 2018, in addition to review and evaluation of other conceptual options as may be prepared or as may become known during the course of the Committee’s work;
  • Conduct two or more meetings, with agendas, minutes and supporting materials posted and made publicly available in compliance with applicable law;
  • On the basis of the work completed, prepare a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen for presentation in September 2018 regarding the potential scope of work for the Town to engage professional engineering support in order to advance conceptual plans to a level of design adequate for cost estimating.


Thomas J. Flaherty

Parks & Recreation

Deborah R. Hamilton

Riding & Driving Club

DPW Director

Angus Jennings

Town Manager, Ex-Officio

Ryan Goodwin

Mill Pond Committee