Vacancies on West Newbury Finance Committee

Call for interested volunteers!

There are two openings on the West Newbury Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee plays an integral role in several aspects of Town government, most notably in the Annual Budget process.  Over the course of the coming months the Finance Committee will conduct a series of meetings to review each section of the proposed FY23 operating budget in detail.  The budget as referred by the Finance Committee is what will be presented to voters at the 2022 Annual Town Meeting this spring.  The Finance Committee will also review, and make recommendations regarding, any proposed Town Meeting warrant articles that have a financial impact.  Members of the Finance Committee are also representatives of two other Committees: the Capital Improvements Committee, and the Investment Policy Committee.

Interested residents are invited and encouraged to express your interest in serving in this important role!  Residents who wish to be considered for appointment should complete the Application for Appointment found online here.

More information regarding the Finance Committee can be found at:

Questions may be directed to Gary Roberts, Chair, or any other member of the Finance Committee, or to any member of the Select Board, or to Town Manager Angus Jennings.