Updated Requirements for Trash and Recycling

Effective Immediately

All trash AND recyclables, including cardboard, MUST be in barrels. Covid-19 can live on a variety of surfaces. Our vendor G. Mello will not pick up any loose material including cardboard.

RECYCLING: loose but must be in a barrel or recycling bin. No bags allowed for recycling. No loose cardboard.

TRASH: bags but still must be in barrels.

No large or loose items. EVERYTHING must be in a barrel.

Please consider the safety of our workers. Sanitation workers are considered essential employees from the Department of Public Health and we ask you to help maintain the health and safety of our team.

As of 3/20: The Department of Homeland Security has declared trash hauling companies as part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce during the COVID -19 pandemic.

This means that G. Mello is and will continue to operate so it is business as usual.

They have however taken some measures to decrease the risk to their employees.

They have closed the Corporate office to the general public, please do not visit their office.

Do not approach G. Mello drivers or workers and please practice social distancing recommendations.

We are asking that all trash that is put out curbside be contained in a trash bag and tied. We will not be handling any loose trash.

G. Mello Disposal Corp.