Phase 2 of Historic Sites Survey Soon to Begin!

Update from Historical Commission

Please Welcome Our Historic Preservation Consultants As They Conduct Phase 2 of West Newbury's Historic Sites Survey

Phase 2 of the Historic Sites Survey (documenting our older properties with a matching grant from the Massachusetts Historical Commission) will get underway in mid-October, 2019, with historic preservation consultants Stacy Spies and Wendy Frontiero scouting old homes and structures on Maple Street and throughout town for the next several months. They will be working on foot and in their cars doing external examinations, taking photos and making notes about some of the older properties in town. They will be driving a red Toyota Prius and gray Subaru Forester. The Police Department has been informed and may be called at 978-363-1213 to verify this.

Please welcome Stacy and Wendy!

Information regarding the first phase of this initiative, completed last year, is online here.