Wetlands Permitting Forms, Instructions, and Filing Fees

Filing Instructions

Please use the links below to access local instructions for submitting wetlands filings. Please also ensure all state instructions (found by filing type below or on the MA DEP wesbsite) are also followed to ensure there are no delays with your filing:

Filing Forms / WPA Forms

Please use the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection website to access the most current versions of the state wetlands permitting forms and any associated state    instructions. Please also refer to the West Newbury Conservation Commission's local instructions & local fees (listed aboved) which are in addition to any state instructions and fees.
State wetlands permitting forms can be accessed by clicking on the quick links below:

If you are unsure which form you need, require any assistance completing the form, or have any questions, please contact Michelle Greene, Conservation Agent, by email at conservation@ wnewbury.org or by phone at 978-363-1100  ext. 126.