Community Center Committee

The Community Center Committee was formed in January 2016. The Committee meets monthly and all are welcome to attend. To contact the CCC, email:

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Center Committee is to study the feasibility and potential sites of an intergenerational community center for the Town of West Newbury, Mass., develop plans for such a facility, and come before Town Meeting with a request to fund this venture.


Currently, the West Newbury Senior Center is overflowing to accommodate the needs and demands of its growing population of elders. The inadequate space and facilities are preventing the Senior Center from maximizing its potential for the town’s older residents and their immediate/extended families. Additionally, there are a number of other age groups and organizations in town that need a place to meet. As a result, in January 2016, the West Newbury Board of Selectmen approved that an intergenerational Community Center Committee be formed.

An intergenerational community center will stregnthen connections betwen generations and ultimately the community, as it has in countless other communities across the U.S. The features of an Intergenerational Community Center are tailored according to the needs of the community in which it resides. For this reason, it is crucial that we provide a forum to explore areas of common ground while celebrating the richness of each generation. The West Newbury Intergenerational Community Center will reflect the culture of this unique town. 

For a more comprehensive overview, please refer to the CCC's Report to Selectmen, July 2017.

Board Members

Name Title
Vanessa Graham Chair
Joel Grossman
Mary Harada
Theresa Woodbury Ex-Officio