Practice Clean Recycling

Recycling Bin

Clean Recycling  

The Board of Health would like to remind residents to be mindful and practice clean recycling.  Due to an increase in contamination in recyclables; both curbside (single stream) as well as at the recycling center (commingled and paper containers).  There is a wide range contamination from plastic bags - coat hangers – plastic furniture – tarps, etc.  The following link is being provided for your convenience. 

Click here to enter an item to see if it is recyclable

Just open link and enter your item and see if it is recyclable.  Just because it has a recycle triangle, it doesn’t mean there is a market for that item.  Most of these items will end up in the trash at the recycle facilities and ultimately cost more than if it was discarded in the trash originally. 

Please do your part and help reduce the contamination of recyclables. Any questions, the Board of Health can be reached by email;,, or by phone at 978-363-1100, X118 or X119.